In the beginning of February 2008 NGO KeeBaLTic was founded by 8 military personnel of the Kleine-Brogel Airbase. 

KeeBaLTic stands for:

  •    KB: Kleine-Brogel or KeeBee
  •    LT: short for Lithuania
  •    BaLTic: Lithuania is one of the Baltic states and the missions name was QRA Baltic 2006/2007

Why did they choose this orphanage?

In December 2006, the Belgian Aircomponent started their second mission to protect the airspace of the Baltic states. (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) This NATO assignment took place at Šiaulai Lithuania.
Because the Baltic states did not have adequate combat aircraft to do so, they asked NATO to help with this task. Belgium performed this task from 1st December 2006 until 31st March 2007 with 4 F16 and a detachment of 60 persons.
The 8 persons who founded this NGO where participants in the mission.

More information about this mission:

The cooperation with the local military personnel was very positive. The local population was friendly and we were appreciated for our job.
Because of this we loved to do something special for them and the local population. With their help we came in contact with a local orphanage in Kuršenai. About 20 km from Šiaulai.
We organized a visit and played with the children the whole evening. Everyone only had one question: 'When can we do this again?' They were happy with so little and touched every heart. Holding hands, playing and a bit of attention was more than enough for them.
The following weeks we payed them more and more visits. They earned a place in our hearts for a very long time.

While over there, the homefront anticipated an action of support.

We collected money to buy toothbrushes, toothpaste, ... and clothing and toys for the children.

We wanted to do this in the long-term and in februari 2008 NGO KeeBaLTic was born.


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